Importing Unity Package into Unity 3D

Game Ready 3D assets are specifically designed and package for Unity 3D game engine.  Importing assets into Unity 3D can be done easily by importing the unitypackage file. All asset components (mesh, textures, materials) are contained in the unity.package file.... [Read More]

Game Ready 3D

We specialize in high quality, game ready 3d car models with super competitive pricing. Our 3d car models are designed and packaged specifically for Unity 3D.... [Read More]

UnityCar Setup

UnityCar is a Unity 3d editor extension which applies physics components to a 3d car mesh.  It is one of the best vehicle physics package available.  It is very easy to use once you understand the way it works.  This tutorial will walk you through the initial set up of a 4-wheeled vehicle.... [Read More]

Stock 3d car model vs. Custom model

Using custom, unique, one-of-a-kind, 3d car model is definitely ideal for any game development project. Is it absolutely necessary to use unique 3d car models in order to create a great game?... [Read More]

Importing .FBX into Unity 3D

Game Ready 3d models include both a separate .FBX mesh file and a .FBX mesh file contained in unitypackage. To use the .FBX mesh file, "as it is", without any modifications, import the unitypackage file directly into Unity 3D. This guideline is specific to re-importing the separate .FBX file (located in the FBX folder in your asset) into Unity 3D.... [Read More]

Programming and Modeling Skills NOT Required

Traditional 3d game development required advanced programming and 3d modeling skills. Today, those skills are important to have, but they are not required for creating a great game. You can create a great games in Unity 3d, even if you are a novice.... [Read More]

How to Buy 3D Models

Almost all 3d models shown in website are available for purchase through Unity asset store.  Click and follow the link listed in each 3d model box.

... [Read More]

Using a Shadow Projector in Unity 3D

A shadow projector is the perfect alternative to real-time shadows in Unity 3d. All Game Ready 3d car models include shadow projector that can simulate shadows and increase performance.... [Read More]

Custom Models

Do you need Unique, custom built vehicle models for your project? I am available for hire to build them for you.  Please continue reading to see my pricing range, and more details.
... [Read More]